Mommy’s Honey BBQ Wings.

Growing up, I always craved my mom’s chicken wings. It did not matter how she made them. I loved them baked, fried or covered in some tasty sauce. So what do most children do? Beg their mother’s to cook for them their favorite meal.


1. Pound of chicken wingettes

2. BBQ Sauce ( Honey )

3. Pure Honey

4. Garlic and Herb Seasoning ( Any kind is fine)

5. And a dash of love!


1. Clean chicken ( check for tiny hairs)

2. Prepare sauce that will cover chicken ( who measures? )

3. Prepare Crock-Pot ( reducing cooking time and a hot kitchen)

4.Start seasoning those wings ( be careful if you have high blood pressure)

5. Pour BBQ Sauce over the wings

6. Put in Crock-Pot

Let the chicken wings cook for about 4-8 hours. After let the wings remain in the crock-pot on warm. After go ahead and grab a plate!


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