Raggs Cravin’s | Nick’s Farm Market

Raggs Cravin’s

Nick’s Farm Market Steamed Crabs

Mommy’s All Purpose Crab Dip ( Speciality Sauce)

If you are from Maryland, then you know we as the residents love seafood. I mean seafood is basically a first class meal when you come here. My siblings and I basically grew up on seafood. Especially those hot delicious steamed crabs.

Eating crabs has been a family tradition since my mom was a child. She ate crabs as a kid and thus passed that tradition down on to us. Now being from Baltimore City it is hard to get those crabs fresh out of the bay. People who live on the Eastern Shore are blessed. So where did we get our crabs from? Well, Nick’s Farm Market of course.

My family has been ordering crabs from Nick’s for the last 20 years. They are fresh, spicy ( or mild if you wish) and straight from the bay. Their crabs usually sell out pretty fast during the summer, but if you have a mother like mines, she gets hers.

For years, my mom has made this crab dip. A dip in which she will not tell me or my brother’s what is in it. Either way, the dip adds that little flare to a crab feast. Sweet and spicy, but still bitter. And mommy’s special touch.

A dash of love and touch of kindness.


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