Raggs Cravin’s| The Breslin NY

Raggs Cravin’s

The Breslin Bar and Dining Room

Restaurant Review


When it comes to food and more food, one must take a risk. And when I say take a risk, I mean try something new. Or maybe for the first time in your life actually eat at a hotel restaurant. When it comes to food and eating out, I am very picky. I guess it comes from working in food and in hotels. I know what lurks behind those kitchen doors. Anyway, I could not resist the smells coming from this place. As soon as I walked into the Breslin, it was cravin’ at first sniff.

I am not a meat eater ( no red meat over here). If I do eat meat, it is mostly poultry or fish. For this day I was cravin’ a burger in the worst way. Matter of fact I was cravin’ a burger for a week. So being new to the ace hotel and this food eatery, I decided to give it a try and let my taste buds live.

I ordered a chargrilled lamb burger with feta and thrice cooked chips. The meal came with a side of cumin mayo. I always prefer my meat well cooked and done. To perfection, it was well seasoned and done. I really enjoyed the tenderness of the meat. It was not dry (sometimes lamb can be dry for me), but very juicy. The chips ( fries) were out of this world. Crisped and not overly dripping with oil. I was not a fan of the cumin mayo on my burger, but it was very tasty with the chips.

And of course, we cannot leave out dessert and drinks. For dessert, I had a chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream. It was drizzled with chocolate syrup and topped with whipped cream. And to wash it all down I had a sweet ice tea with lemon.

Overall I was impressed with the Breslin. The wait time for a table was not long. The waiters were very friendly and efficient with serving the food. The atmosphere was dark and seductive. If you are not into eating in dimly lit places, then this place may not be enjoyable for you. The overall crowd inside the restaurant was okay and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. I would give the Breslin at 7\10 rating.

Now I just have to see if I can have a lamb burger mailed to me.

The Breslin

16 west 29th street new york, new york 10001

Disclaimer: All pictures are the property of The Breslin. You can find them via The Breslin and Ace Hotel.


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