Oh 30 Minute Sunday Dinner.


We are creatures of habit, and sometimes we repeat dinners like outfits. They are just so good and simple to create in under 30 minutes. During the summer months, chicken seems to be the key item in any dish. I guess you can say that we love to eat chicken in my household. And not to mention, we love to eat Mommy’s chicken.

This past Sunday’s dinner focused around simple ingredients. We decided to add BBQ chicken back in the mix but jazzed it up with a little spiciness. Instead of baking the chicken, we fried and cooked them for 4 hours in the crockpot.

With any chicken dish, there has to be a side even if it is a left over. Mommy cooked sweet corn with a little garlic season with steam buttered broccoli. We had some leftover bbq flavor rice, and I ended up mixing that in with the sweet corn.

As usual, our cravings lead us to some unconventional dishes and flavors. Cooking with your Mom can be quite fun, but also interesting. I guess the dish came out just like us; spicy and sweet.


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